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What are you gonna do without Yuletides, Peru?

First of all, thank you! We share at least one of these fandoms which means I already think you're amazing. Hard part over! So here are some helpful guidelines about what I like, though, to be honest, I'm pretty flexible in all capacities and not a hell of a lot turns me off from fic.

  • I like pretty much any tone of fic (from fluff to darkfic) but I prefer fics that land somewhere between them, with elements of each (so, no character death torture dungeon porn and no buying paisley drapes at IKEA with a shopping cart full of kittens, I guess?) I do prefer realistic (for the fandom) fic though, so I'd rather not get crackfic. That being said, I also do not mind unhappy endings/emotionally fucked up darkfic at all, so don't feel the need to wrap everything up in a bow. If the fic ends with someone crying in the rain, that's chill with me.

  • Probably my favourite thing to read is fic focused on developing atmosphere. I like sense imagery and big lush paragraphs and scenery and all that kind of stuff. I want to be able to fall into the fic and wriggle around in it like it's a duvet. This means that I prefer fics that are heavy on character/dialogue/interactions rather than the running jumping climbing trees adventure-genre. Other things I like: pop culture references, cigarettes/alcohol/weed, all the UST in the world (pining/obliviousness), sex! (though I skew vanilla, I'm more into the thought process than the mechanics), deviancy/otherness i.e. incest (in applicable pairings), alienation/misanthropy, and literature/mythology.

  • Things I don't like: uhhhhh I'm pretty chill so the list is short, mostly just fics that are overly saccharine, first/second person point of view, non-con, unnecessary character death. That's about it.

    These prompts are just ideas/reference points for stuff I've thought about and would probably like. Feel free to go in any direction you want! This is just how I saw the canon and what I would take from it, by no means MUST you follow any of these prompts.

    1) Shameless (US): Lip/Ian
    Principally I'm looking for something between brotherhood and sex for Lip/Ian. I'm pretty open to anything as long as it hits on things like them being best brothers, getting fucked up, drinking a lot and smoking up together, that perfect cold Chicago winter atmosphere, rampant sex/nudity without really caring who sees, being poor as fuck and stealing together, just being general Gallagher wild childs, so totally close to each other that their relationship borders on becoming sexual (and maybe becomes sexual in that desperate and loving way of two people who need each other and don't know how?)

    If you're not cool with the incest side of things, that is perfectly cool too! A gen story about them being best bros is also totally acceptable. Also, Lip dealing with Ian/Mickey and that whole mess would be great (I love Mickey so any inclusion of him would be A+) and so would just the general family closeness and fierce protective love they have for Fiona and each other is fine with me. I just want a nice close drunken winter mess of a Gallagher family to read.

    2) Weeds: Silas/Shane
    SEASON 6 FIC PLEASE. On the road in that minivan, living in motels, doing odd-jobs (and sometimes conning/stealing to get by), being kind of sort of hookers? (looking at you, Silas) and being stuck in a tight space for an undetermined amount of time. Mostly I just want stories about those inbetween moments we never saw in the show, those thousand of miles cross-country eating at road-side diners and living in motels too close to each other all the time, finding out habits and behaviours you never needed to know about, and reevaluating their lives and figuring out what to do next.

    It can be gen, but I'd love some Silas/Shane stuff. Particularly Silas adjusting to Shane's new identity as the murdering psychopath, trying to figure out when his brother become so sociopathic, WHY his brother is so damaged, blaming himself for not doing more, having conflicting love/hate feelings towards him (and Nancy, to be honest) etc. etc. Sexy times are great, but if the incest stuff isn't your brand of vodka, anything with Silas being the best bro is also good with me. Just want some weird Shane dialogue and bantery cruel fun between brothers while stuck on the road being in such close quarters and maybe kissing and punching each other sometimes.

    Also, if you're so inclined, a fic exploring their relationship with Nancy (and how fucked up and quasi-incestuous it is) is a good place to go too. I'd prefer no outright sex (seen or off-screen) between Nancy and Silas and Shane, but the undercurrent could be interesting seeing as they both spend 95% of their time trying to get her attention.

    3) Young Avengers: Teddy/Billy
    This fandom is pretty open-eneded for me. I'd be happy with pretty much anything to do with Teddy and Billy being the best boyfriends and however you want to explore that. Or not, if that's the way you wanna go with it! Anything from them being in love living in an apartment in the city or a story set as their relationship falls apart and it hurts and aches and makes me feel sad. Make me laugh! Make my cry! I'm happy with both!

    In terms of the superheroes aspect, I know that for me writing action scenes is basically the literary equivalent of being slowly crushed to death. I hate writing action and I know I'm not alone in that. If you are like me, feel free to just focus on the domestic lives that the Young Avengers have, their relationship as a team and as people in love with each other rather than the powers and flying and saving the world. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'd be pretty happy with a non-powered AU if that's what you wanna do, just these teenagers living in New York, Teddy and Billy renting an apartment together, the ups and downs of their lives, stuff like that. (Also, bonus points for Tommy being hilarious and making fun of their relationship but also being an anchor for them. Aw yeah Tommy.)

    Note: I'm up to 6 of Children's Crusade and haven't read Siege but feel free to use elements of those in your fic, I don't mind spoilers.

    That's it! Again, thank you so much for writing for me, and really, these are all just vague ideas, you should definitely write what feels most fun to you, cause if you like what you write I will as well!
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